In addition to providing a record of the various changes to the site, these updates tell something of its history, charting its evolution from an EarthLink memberís site to its current incarnation.






After eight months of planning and preparation, I have finally opened Dancing Giant Sales, my latest doomed, small-business venture!
July 1, AD 2015

Movement is afoot at dancinggiant.com! If all goes well, a new unsuccessful venture will launch later this year. Iíll also be doing a minor overhaul of the site as part of that process.
Jan. 1, AD 2015

Iíve made a few minor, mostly destructive updates to the usual stasis.
Oct. 29, AD 2013

More lagging.
Dec. 4, AD 2010

Iíve only made a few minor updates lately, with the exception of removing the splash page while my wife and her sister figure out where theyíre going with their hobby businesses. Otherwise, Iím lagging as usual.
Feb. 12, AD 2010

Finally, I have uploaded my updated and expanded Reading & Writing section, with new pages of actual content. More will follow in the near future, including more older work, book reviews, andóI hopeóan all new episodic story. This took me only 10 years to accomplish.
Sept. 15, AD 2009

I posted two new progress reports and updated a third. Iíve also been working on a couple of the incomplete sections, but theyíre still incomplete.
Aug. 31, AD 2009

In addition to a few minor formatting updates, I have uploaded reports on a couple more of my works in progress.
Aug. 2, AD 2009

For several months now, I have been quietly reformatting the site and even adding some new content. Most notably, I uploaded the long-delayed homepage and launched a web log. Iíve also added many new photographs.
June 3, AD 2009

Sometime, differences in personal philosophies can prove so fundamental that to be reminded of them is simply crushing. That, in part, is why progress on this site has been so achingly slow. I promised a ďbig updateĒ well over a year ago, but it is still less than half done. There are always ďmore important thingsĒ to do.
May 28, AD 2008

Iíve made a few minor updates to welcome the new year, but lately Iíve made very little progress on this site or on anything else for that matter.
Jan. 5, AD 2008

So hereís the big announcement. Progress on the Dancing Giant Inn has been slow, because Iíve been designing websites for my wife and her sister, who are both launching jewelry-making ventures. These sites are still under construction, but for a variety of reasons, they had to be unveiled now. Finishing them will probably occupy me for some time to come.
Oct. 14, AD 2007

I wish that I had great progress to report, but only bits and pieces have gone up recently. However, there have been some interesting behind-the-scenes discussions and planning. Maybe something fruitful will come of it.
Sept. 4, AD 2007

More portraits are up in Photography & Composition, and Iíve added a tiny bit to the Commentary section. Additional minor updates will be uploaded in the coming weeks. I may not make any further announcements about this process until the new homepage goes up.
Apr. 29, AD 2007

After one ridiculously late night, I have finished a preview of the new Photography & Composition section. Once I finish eliminating a confusing series of relative linking, future updates should be a lot easier.
Apr. 23, AD 2007

The main Links page has been updated, and I have added some brief comments on the Virginia Tech massacre to my sidebar on the Commentary page. The big update continues to slowly progress in the background.
Apr. 17, AD 2007

I have started to lay the groundwork for the new organizational structure of the site, but I am still creating or revising a lot of the actual content. I may have some previews ready shortly, but Iíll keep the homepage the same until the big update is ready.
Apr. 1, AD 2007

I have been diligently working on the big update, giving the site a more attractive appearance and creating some of that long-awaited content, but Iíve also managed to slip in a few smaller updates in the last several weeks. Have a look at the Hyperlink of Mystery.
Mar. 18, AD 2007

Today was cool and cloudy, so I decided to add an essay on global warming to the Commentary section.
Feb. 26, AD 2007

The Dancing Giant Inn is back in business! I upgraded my computer last year, but I was without an HTML composer until now. I know I have a lot of work to do on the site, so Iíll try to get some new content up. For now, Iíve made a couple updates to the main Links section.
Feb. 24, AD 2007

An insignificant update to the Commentary section, but I do have another essay brewing.
May 1, AD 2006

More baby pictures have been added to the Photography section. Even more are on the way, as soon as I can make the time.
Jan. 23, AD 2006

After a brief delay because I wasnít feeling well, all sections of the site are now up, though not necessarily complete. I have also reformatted several pages. Updates may slow down for a while, but I do have additional sections and new content in the works.
Nov. 15, AD 2005

After many iterations, the Links section is back up. Iím rather pleased with the way it turned out, but I need more links in the Friends & Family area.
Nov. 12, AD 2005

With Adventures now up, Iíve finally reposted all the photographs from the old site. Now, Iíll have to work on some new stuff.
Nov. 8, AD 2005

Iíve made several minor updates, reorganized the site slightly, and added a couple old articles to the renamed Commentary section. More photographs should be up within the next few days.
Nov. 3, AD 2005

I reposted a bunch of pictures in the new Photography section. There are many more to come.
Oct. 23, AD 2005

I dropped the Bush/Kerry campaign advertisement from the homepage, since they won the election last week.
Nov. 10, AD 2004

I added another article to the Politics section. This one recounts an amusing e-mail exchange I had with a newspaper editor on the recently expired federal ban on ďassault weapons.Ē
Oct. 31, AD 2004

I opened the Politics section with an inaugural article comparing George W. Bush to John Kerry.
Oct. 25, AD 2004

In AD 2004, I finally began to work on the site again. It had essentially been down while I was busy with other things. The Dancing Giant Inn returned as part of the Dancing Giant domain, which also included the now defunct Dancing Giant Swords.

The updates below were to the old site, before the redesign and consolidation with the dancinggiant.com site.

Darkness has followed fire and flood. Naturally, I recorded this latest calamity for posterity.

July 22, AD 2002

We have finally moved! I have added pictures of our move-in to the gallery.

July 17, AD 2002

We should be moving today, but instead our new house has been damaged by a flood due to apparent faulty plumbing. Obviously, I am not happy.

June 28, AD 2002

Lots of minor updates to the site this time. The main addition is to the ďadventuresĒ section of the gallery.

May 13, AD 2002

This past weekend, with digital camera in hand, we visited the site of our likely future home. Accordingly, I have added a new adventure to the gallery.

Apr. 22, AD 2002

Finally, a major update! The gallery is now open. I have also revised the for-sale page, adding many new items to help raise money for a down payment on our future house.

Apr. 18, AD 2002

Sold my old CAS Iberia ďbarbarianĒ sword.

Mar. 23, AD 2002

Iíve sold my Del Tin 2103.

Feb. 9, AD 2002

A few minor updates. Mainly, Iíve added a couple items to the for-sale page.

Dec. 31, AD 2001

Big news! I have launched Dancing Giant Swords, my own on-line retail business. Iím considering making the www.DancingGiant.com splash page the portal for this site as well.

Oct. 17, AD 2001

To show solidarity with my fellow citizens in this grim time, Iíve added the flags of the United States of America and the Republic of California to the index page.

Sept. 13, AD 2001

Yesterdayís despicable terrorist attacks against the United States have shocked me as they have shocked much of the world. I have tried to put a few of my thoughts into writing.

Sept. 12, A.D. 2001

Iíve sold my Windlass gladius. Also, some exciting developments are on the way, so stay tuned!

Aug. 5, AD 2001

Iíve sold two more swords and revamped some parts of the site very slightly.
July 17, AD 2001

Iíve sold my ďNormanĒ sword.
May 30, AD 2001

Iíve reduced prices on several of my swords.
May 3, AD 2001

Well, the sale of my Del Tin 14th-century long sword fell through, so itís back on offer.
Feb. 15, AD 2001

The for-sale page is now updated with shipping prices.
Feb. 13, AD 2001

Iíve sold one sword and put another on offer.
Feb. 6, A.D. 2001

The armory is now open, and Iíve added a new article to the library.
Oct. 18, AD 2000

Iíve put several more swords up for sale, including a few out-of-production models from Del Tin. Iíve also amended the links page slightly.
July 21, AD 2000

Read my model political platform. The section where it will be housed is still under construction, so this link will have to do for now. Anyway, it seemed appropriate given the fact this is an election year.
Feb. 9, AD 2000

At last an update! The library is now open! Also made a few cosmetic changes here and there.
Jan. 29, AD 2000

Due to ongoing renovations, Iíve put up a bulletin board over the door to the back office. This should let me keep any visitors informed about the goings on here at the Dancing Giant.
Nov. 6, AD 1999

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