Ideally, I would like Dancing Giant Enterprises to make enough money that I could live a life of moderate luxury Ö or at least pay for itself. So far, this plan has not been very successful. Nevertheless, Iím still looking for ideas to make this website turn a profit.






Dancing Giant Sales
I am establishing Dancing Giant Sales to provide service as a licensed firearms dealer in Thurston County. DGS will facilitate special orders, online purchases, private-party transfers, and other intermediary transactions.
                          Handcrafted Jewelry
My wife made beaded jewelry for a few years. She decided to try selling her work as a part-time business, so we created Noniís Handcrafted Jewelry. Sales were conducted at a few local events but were never very successful.
Dancing Giant Swords In AD 2001, I launched Dancing Giant Swords. The month before the website went live, al Qaida hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Then the economy promptly went into recession. Even the modest sales I had expected never materialized. DGS struggled on for four years before I had to turn out the lights.

Dancing Giant