When I am not working, sleeping, entertaining my daughter, or performing important household duties, I enjoy partaking in a number of hobbies and recreational activities. Unfortunately, I have far less free time than I have demand for it.






Camping & Hiking. My family has always enjoyed the great outdoors, and one of my earliest memories is of an abortive camping trip to Joshua Tree National Monument.
Camping & Hiking
Firearms & Marksmanship. The role of guns has become an unnecessarily controversial subject, so the private citizen who would own and use firearms must approach the prospect with careful consideration.
Firearms & Marksmanship
Food & Drink. Wars have been fought over spices, and dietary decisions continue to be a source of controversy, so it’s no surprise that we can take our sustenance very seriously.
Food & Drink
Gaming & Painting. Boardgames, tabletop games, and video games can all be a lot of fun, but what do any of them have to do with painting?
Gaming & Painting
Music & Movies. I enjoy movies and music as much as the next person, but my high expectations are not met very easily or often.
Music & Movies
Photography & Composition. I know just enough about photography to get myself into trouble with a camera, and my composition skills need even more work. Photography & Composition
Reading & Writing. There is perhaps no more intellectual pursuit than literature, and I enjoy partaking in both its creation and consumption when time permits.
Reading & Writing
Swords & Swordplay. I have long been fascinated by ancient weapons and armor, but the sword in particular has always captured my imagination.
Swords & Swordplay

Dancing Giant