Following my brother’s dictum that no website should ever be a dead end, here is the obligatory links page. I will attempt to categorize things in an at least somewhat logical manner. Additional links may be found elsewhere on this site when appropriate. Have fun exploring.…

the art
                            of cliff cramp
Cliff Cramp’s on-line gallery. Both a neighbor and a colleague, Cliff prefers to call himself an illustrator rather than an artist. Either way, he is very skilled … or is it talented?
Gear Engineering
Gear Engineering Manufacturing is the machine shop co-owned by my father and his father before him since A.D. 1965.
Grenadier Productions
John Fletcher’s Grenadier Productions is the home of Liberators!—a war gamer’s guide to the South American wars of independence.
Jason's Homepage
Jason Van Norman’s homepage and the “official” Section 8 website. You might expect better from a code jockey like my brother, but at least check out Razor’s Reviews.
The “official” website of Alex Hare. An aspiring screenwriter, Alex is also one of my gaming buddies.
Friends & Family

Here are websites built by people I know personally. If a link to your site belongs here, please let me know.

Organizations & Affiliations

These are the various organizations with which I am a member or am otherwise affiliated.
The American Automobile Association is useful for too many travel-related things to list. I have been a AAA member on and off since about AD 1990. AAA
I graduated from the California State University at Fullerton in AD 1997 and later joined the staff of the Pollak Library, AD 1999–2014. CSUF
The Libertarian Party is the only American political party that completely embraces individual freedom and personal responsibility. I first registered as a Libertarian in AD 2003 and formally joined the party in AD 2005. Libertarian Party
In addition to promoting marksmanship, firearms safety, and the shooting sports, the National Rifle Association defends the one right the ACLU so studiously overlooks. I became a member in AD 2001. NRA
After nearly two decades in academia, I joined the Timberland Regional Library as a supervisor at the branch in Lacey, Washington, in AD 2014.
Timberland Regional Library
Atomic Rockets
Atomic Rockets at Project Rho is Winchell Chung’s tongue-in-cheek approach to the very serious topics of spacecraft design, space travel, and interplanetary civilization. There is plenty of useful scientific and technical information here for the interested layman. “So you wanna build a rocket?”
Baen Free Library
Baen Books publishes pulpy science-fiction and fantasy novels. To demonstrate that electronic piracy is at worst a nuisance, Baen has set up a free, on-line library for a number of its most popular titles. Read, enjoy, and maybe buy a book.
The Best
                          Page in the Universe Maddox is rude, crude, and often funny as hell, but I doubt he has “The Best Page in the Universe.”
Earth Impact Database
It is easy to forget that our innocent little planet is still under bombardment by interplanetary debris. The University of New Brunswick’s Earth Impact Database catalogs the confirmed impact sites discovered around the globe.
EXOSOLAR provides an excellent interactive, Flash-powered star map that displays graphical and textual information about nearby stars and their accompanying planets.
Maine Solar House
The Maine Solar House teaches us that many of our energy needs can be met with little more than sunlight.
                          Studies Institute The Space Studies Institute carries on the dream of opening the energy and material resources of space for human benefit.
                          Forum International I used to spend a lot of time at Sword Forum International. Though limited time and changing priorities have diverted my attention, SFI is still a great place for information and lively discussion about swords.
Unshelved Since linking to on-line comics seems to be fashionable, here is Unshelved, a strip about a library.
Information from Wikipedia must be studied critically due to its vulnerability to inaccuracy and vandalism, but it is still a convenient starting point for research. At the very least, this on-line encyclopedia can suggest logical avenues of exploration.
Education & Entertainment

There are a lot of educational and/or entertaining websites out there. Here are a few of my favorites.

Dancing Giant
“Wherever you go, there you are.”