For nearly half my life, I’ve worked at the farthest end of the literary supply chain—in bookstores and libraries. I’ve been an avid if not always rapid reader since I was five years old, and I’ve been writing for almost as long. If I could make a career out of writing, I would.

Atalan Cycle
The Atalan Cycle
Where does history end and mythology begin? …
Galactic Chronicles
The Galactic Chronicles
… an adventure that spans the galaxy itself …
Histories of the Third Millennium
The Histories of the Third Millennium
… my sprawling epic of future history …
Transhuman Protocols
The Transhuman Protocols
After the technological singularity, life goes on …
Untitled Alien Invasions
Yes, it’s been done before …
Vanity City
Vanity City
… my answer to the artificial-reality question …

Science fiction is my preferred genre. Not only does it allow the writer to speculate about future civilizations or alien planets but also to explore the human condition in ways not possible with conventional fiction. Of course, it can also be very entertaining!

My nonfiction works are mostly papers I wrote as part of my undergraduate studies in college. However, they continue to generate much of the traffic on this site.
Japan in the United Nations
Japan was admitted to the United Nations …
Japan in the United Nations
Native-American Life on the Great Plains
The West … evokes numerous images …
Native-American Life on the Great Plains
The Obsolescence of War?
… theories … to describe … war and peace …
Obsolescence of War?
Price of Imperialism
British troops crossed the border into Zululand …
Price of Imperialism
Loyal Sedition
My continuing commentary on life …
Loyal Sedition
Rainbows End
Rainbows End
Vernor Vinge
Tor Books, A.D. 2007

The City
The City
Los Angeles and Urban
Theory at the End of
the Twentieth Century

Allan J. Scott and Edward W. Soja
University of California Press, A.D. 1996

Book Reviews

Information wants to be free, so there is no shortage of book reviews these days. Here are mine. Maybe sharing will encourage me to read more.

Dancing Giant
“O for a Muse of fire, that
would ascend the brightest
heaven of invention …”