Dancing Giant Sales
Licensed Firearms Dealer
Rainier, Washington

Dancing Giant Sales will be closed June 20th–29th.
I will be helping to settle a firearms estate and
will not be available for other transfers during this
time. I will still be reachable by e-mail and phone.

I established Dancing Giant Sales to provide additional FFL services in Thurston County following the misguided passage by the voters of Initiative 594 in 2014. All lawful firearms transfers, however brief, are now subject to background checks and must be conducted through a licensed dealer. Since traditional storefront dealers were understandably reluctant to fill the existing demand generated by online sales and other interstate transfers while also trying to move their own inventories and to cover the substantial overhead costs of retail facilities, this new requirement has placed additional burdens on their already thin operating margins. DGS doesn’t stock a regular inventory or maintain a public storefront, so I can help meet these marketplace needs more easily and less expensively and will gladly facilitate special orders, private-party transfers, and other intermediary services.

Matthew D. Van Norman
Owner & Proprietor

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