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Except when dealing with very large quantities, it is difficult for Dancing Giant Sales to offer ammunition for sale at competitive prices. Big-box stores or online retailers will usually be the most affordable options, but for orders around $600 or above, I may be able to provide modest savings for local customers.

Occasionally, however, I will score a great deal that doesnít involve buying tens of thousands of rounds at a time, and when that happens, Iíll pass the savings along here. Additionally, I will try to have a few of the major calibers available as a convenience for my customers.

.22 Long Rifle
DGS canít usually provide competitively priced ammunition,
but when I can, you will find the available stock listed here.

If you donít see the ammunition you need currently in stock, please e-mail me for estimates on bulk orders or consult the recommended retailer links for more modest requirements. These are retailers I use myself and/or who provide some the most competitive prices or the most innovative products.

Ammunition in Stock

CCI .22 LR 36gr CPHP
0031 100 rds.
Federal .22 LR 38gr CPHP
712 500 rds.

Wolf .223 Rem. 55gr FMJ
G22355FMJ 20 rds.

Federal .38 spec. 130gr FMJ
AE38K 50 rds.

Federal .45 Colt 225gr JSP
WMAE45LC 50 rds.

Magtech .45 Colt 250gr LFP
45D 50 rds.
Federal 9◊19mm 124gr TMJ
AE9N1 50 rds.

Federal 9◊19mm 147gr JHP
P9HST2 50 rds.

Quantities vary. Please inquire via e-mail if you would like to make a purchase. Local sales only.

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