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Except when dealing with very large quantities, it is difficult for Dancing Giant Sales to offer ammunition at competitive prices. Big-box stores or online retailers will usually be the most affordable options.

Occasionally, however, I will score a great deal that doesnít involve buying tens of thousands of rounds at a time, and when that happens, Iíll pass the savings along here. Additionally, I will try to have a few of the major calibers available as a convenience for my customers.

.22 Long Rifle
DGS canít usually provide competitively priced ammunition,
but when I can, you will find the available stock listed here.

If and when market conditions return to normal, please email me for estimates on bulk orders or consult the recommended retailer links for more modest requirements. These are retailers I use myself and/or who provide some the most competitive prices or the most innovative products.

Ammunition remains difficult to come by at reasonable prices. Most of my stock has been consigned by private sellers. Prices are still higher than I might like on these, but sales taxes have already been collected.

Ammunition in Stock

Fed. .223 Rem. 75gr TMJ
AE223T75 20 rds.
Front. .223 Rem. 68gr JHP
FR160 20 rds.
PPU .270 Win. 150gr SP
20 rds.ͨ
UM .28 Nosler 190gr HP
20 rds.ͨ
Fed. .280 Rem. 150gr HSSP
280B 20 rds.ͨ
Win. .280 Rem. 140gr FS
S280XA 20 rds.ͨ
Nosler .30 Nos. 210gr ABLR
60118 20 rds.ͨ
UM .300 RUM 210gr. HP
20 rds.ͨ
Fed. .30-06 168gr BTHP
GM3006M 20 rds.
Herters .32 ACP 73gr FMJ
HRT32A 50 rds.ͨ
PMC .32 ACP 62gr JHP
32B 50 rds.ͨ
Horn. .38 Spec. 110gr FTX
90310 25 rds.ͨ
Rem. .38 Spec. 130gr MC
L38S11 50 rds.ͨ
Win. .38 Spec. 130gr FMJ
Q4171 50 rds.ͨ
Misc. .41 Rem. Magnum
Reloaded 50 rds.ͨ
Federal .45 ACP 165gr JHP
PD45HS3H 20 rds.ͨ
Federal .45 ACP 230gr FMJ
CAL45230200 200 rds.ͨ
Rem. .45 ACP +P 185gr BHP
GS45APCB 50 rds.ͨ
Rem. .45 ACP 230gr FMJ
L45AP4 50 rds.ͨ
Rem. .45 ACP 230gr FMJ
L45AP4B 100 rds.ͨ
UM 7mm Mag. 180gr HP
20 rds.ͨ
UM 7mm SAUM 175gr
50 rds.ͨ
Fed. 7mm-08 Rem. 140gr TS
P708C 29 rds.ͨ
Fed. 7.62◊51mm 149gr FMJ
XM80CS 450 rds.ͨ  $0.75 ea.
Federal 9◊19mm 135gr JHP
PD9HS5H 20 rds.ͨ
S&B 9◊19mm 124gr FMJ
SB9B 50 rds.ͨ
Speer 9◊19mm +P 124gr JHP
53617 50 rds.ͨ

Quantities vary. Please inquire via email if you would like to make a purchase. Local sales only.

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