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Iíve been involved in the firearms community for nearly 20 years as a defensive shooter, a licensed collector, a right-t0-arms activist, a hobby gunsmith, and now as a licensed dealer in Washington. Throughout this time, Iíve also been a student of the history of firearms, the politics surrounding their place in society, and the philosophy and practice of their use for lawful purposes.

Defensive handgun training with
                            Ryman Tactical.
M. D. Van Norman trains with Ryman Tactical at the Angeles Shooting Ranges, California, AD 2012.

I established Dancing Giant Sales in response to tightening laws, but it also serves as a platform to share what Iíve learned with my fellow shooters. Firearms are wrapped in hype and hyperbole, so if I can cut some of that away and help my visitors make informed decisions, then so much the better. Maybe that leads to a sale, or maybe it doesnít.

I am happy to offer advice and guidance on selecting firearms, ammunition, holsters, and other components, but the end user should always make the final determination about what is most suitable for the particular need at hand. In other words, there is no one best firearm or weapon system. There is only what works best for the individual user in a given application. The wrong tools can sometimes be forced into doing the job by a determined user, but they will never do the job as well or as effortlessly as the right tools.

The links on the right are just starting points for more information. Therein are several standard references and resources, a few gateways to further discussion and knowledge, and even some of my own observations and opinions. The information revolution has opened the once cloistered and arcane realm of firearms and the shooting sports to the eyes of the world, but it has yet to be determined whether this development can protect and promote the civil right to arms in the face of constant assault by the forces of chauvinistic prohibitionists, state authoritarians, and their various sympathizers presently in control of the mainstream propaganda machine.

Join the national conversation on guns and defend your right to keep and bear arms.



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