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Hours of Operation & Appointments

Dancing Giant Sales is now a full-time business!

For walk-in clients, DGS is regularly open 12:00pm–4:00pm on Sundays, but appointments are always preferable. Appointments are available at almost anytime, including evenings and weekends.

Showroom & Inventory

DGS does not maintain a public showroom, nor will I have inventory available for casual browsing. My goal is to provide products and services at the lowest possible prices, which means that stock and space are very limited. For hands-on browsing, I recommend visiting a storefront shop, such as Private Sector Arms in Olympia, I5 Guns & Ammo near Lacey, and Long Shot Indoor Range in Yelm, or attending a Washington Arms Collectors show.

When I do have something on hand that interests you, please inquire about that specific item. My current inventory will be listed on GunBroker, but discounted pricing will usually be available to local buyers.

Ammunition & Accessories

Except when dealing with very large quantities, it is difficult for DGS to offer ammunition for sale at competitive prices. Big-box stores or online retailers will usually be the most affordable options, but for large orders, I may be able to provide modest savings for local customers. Please see Ammunition Sales & Resources for more information.

Similarly, as a small-scale operation, DGS doesn’t have much space available for accessories. Special orders are always an option, so I will be happy to supply price quotes upon request.

Contact Information

The best way to reach DGS is by email, but Yahoo, Google, Comcast, and other email providers have recently begun blocking my replies or marking them as spam, so please add dancinggiant.com to your provider’s list of trusted domains. Text messaging is also a good alternative. Calls are always welcome, but I have weird luck with phones. If you call, please be prepared to leave a detailed voice message in case I can’t answer immediately. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dancing Giant Sales
101 Pacer Ct SE
Rainier, WA  98576

You can also connect with DGS on social media. Like Dancing Giant Sales on Facebook or follow @DancingGiantFFL on Twitter to receive regular updates and other information.

Sale & Transfer Requirements

Until we can change things through political or judicial processes, the law is what it is. DGS is here to help those who want to stay within the law to do so as easily as possible. For those not ready to comply with recent legislation, that’s your prerogative.

Legal sales or transfers require identification, proof of address, completion of BATFE Form 4473, and a successful background check. Transactions involving handguns or semi-automatic rifles also require the completion of the state Firearms Transfer Application and are subject to mandatory waiting periods.

Finally, the BATFE considers DGS to be located within a school zone. Any firearms that leave my premises must be unloaded and locked. Concealed Pistol Licensees and certain other individuals are exempt. This is a good reasons to get your CPL—even if you don’t plan to carry a handgun on your person.

Waiting Periods

Whenever a federal background check is delayed, the transferee or buyer will be subject to a waiting period of up to three business days,
excluding weekends and holidays.

Transactions involving handguns or semi-automatic rifles require “enhanced” background checks to be performed by the appropriate state or law-enforcement agency. This requirement will necessitate a waiting period of up to 10 business days,
excluding weekends and holidays.

In other words, you may really have to wait up to two weeks to take your new gun home.

Training Requirement

Purchasers of semi-automatic rifles must also certify their completion of firearms safety training within the last five years. The training must include instruction on basic firearms safety rules, firearms and children, suicide prevention, secure gun storage, safe handling of firearms, and state and federal firearms laws. However, no documentation is required.

Many trainers now offer compliance course for modest fees. However, others have made the training available online and for free. Sporting Systems was among the first to do so, and I am pleased to recommend their I-1639 training course.

Payments & Prices

DGS can accept cash, checks, or money orders. Currently, my low volume and tight margins don’t justify the startup costs and regular fees normally required for credit cards.

Transfers are $30 each, though I do offer multiple-transfer discounts. Special orders will require a $35 nonrefundable deposit from new customers. Though usually unnecessary, FFL-to-FFL shipping services are available at cost plus $10.

The state mandates an additional fee of $18 to offset the cost of the “enhanced” background checks required for semi-automatic “assault rifles.” The SAR fee will apply to each rifle transferred.

All original sales and commercial transfers are subject to sales tax (locally 8.1 percent), which I must collect on the actual purchase price or the fair market value of received merchandise. Private-party transfers are exempt from sales tax but may be subject to use taxes. Buyers are responsible for paying use taxes.

For a detailed breakdown of all prices and fees, please see my 2023 price schedule.

Dancing Giants

I’m often asked about the origin of my business name. When I was younger, I played a lot of tabletop role-playing games, including the infamous Dungeons & Dragons. During one session, our party of adventurers bested a couple giants we couldn’t defeat in combat. Through a bit of trickery and a lucky piece of magic, we compelled them to dance forever after. When our characters later retired from the adventuring lifestyle, we established an inn and tavern that we named the Dancing Giant in honor of that earlier moment of glory.

I’ve continued to use the name for my personal ventures ever since and registered the dancinggiant.com domain name in 1999.

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