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$35 + 10%

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  1. My standard transfer fee is $32 per firearm—making a typical transfer $50 after the state background-check fee. I also offer multiple-transfer discounts for buyers receiving more than one firearm when I can legally combine these transactions. The second firearm would be $30, and each additional after that $20.
  2. I charge flat rates when ordering firearms. The rate is $35 per item for the first $1,000 of the wholesale price and $35 for each additional $1,000 segment. For example, a $500 wholesale pistol would be $535 + tax at retail + background-check fee, and a $1,100 wholesale rifle would be $1,170 + tax at retail + background-check fee. Ammunition, parts, and accessories will be marked up 15% over wholesale. Multiple-transfer discounts will also apply as above.
  3. I am happy to offer consignment sales. Items typically sell on auction at GunBroker. My base fee for the service is $35, but if an item sells for significantly higher than the starting price, I will take a 10% share of this “windfall” after all auction fees and other expenses have been accounted for. The specific pricing model on consignments is the seller’s prerogative. I recommend starting high and gradually reducing, which means my base fee is usually all that will apply.
  4. Sales taxes apply to all commercial sales but exclude transfer fees, private-party transactions, and certain other fees. However, many out-of-state sellers now report and collect taxes on their sales into Washington. Sometimes, transactions that should be exempt will be taxed as a result. I have no control over this.
  5. Legally, anyone can ship a firearm to a Federal Firearms License holder anywhere in the United States. Some FFLs will only accept firearms from other FFLs, but this is not required. USPS prohibits handguns from non-FFLs, and UPS and FedEx require these to ship overnight, which can be expensive. Upon request, I will provide FFL-to-FFL shipping at cost plus $10 per shipment.
  6. The state currently assesses an $18 fee on every firearm transfer application to offset the expense of its “enhanced” background-check program. This fee is assessed for each transaction, so when multiple transfers are included on the same application, there will be only one $18 fee.
  7. I am not a trained gunsmith, but when I have relevant experience and the proper tools, I can offer limited smithing services at $30 per hour. (Minimum one-hour charge.) Similarly, any labor required for me to make an otherwise prohibited item legally compliant will be assessed at this rate.

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