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Earlier this year, after nearly 30 years in public service, I left that career and took Dancing Giant Sales full time. While Iím happy to report that my business has continued to grow, that growth has been very slow and is still nowhere close to replacing the salary I gave up. Inflation has also pushed costs up significantly.

Reluctantly, I must make some changes. First, I have already begun to take on some part-time work. I hope to keep this to no more than a couple days each week to minimize impact on appointment availability. Second, I will be raising my prices slightly beginning in January 2023. A new fee schedule will be posted soon.

Meanwhile, despite recent favorable rulings at the U.S. Supreme Court, the prohibitionists have redoubled their efforts to limit our civil rights and liberties. Ongoing litigation should further solidify Constitutional protections, but anti-gun legislation still continues to advance at local, state, and national levels. I recommend following the Firearms Policy Coalition for updates on the evolving legal situations.

Matthew D. Van Norman
Owner & Proprietor

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