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During the last 10 months, the combination of pandemic fears, civil unrest, and political uncertainty has created an unprecedented demand for firearms and ammunition. At the same time, domestic and international distribution networks have been constricted by staffing and shipping limitations due to the ongoing health precautions. In this environment, small retailers like Dancing Giant Sales have struggled to obtain any inventory at all.

DGS has remained open for business throughout the emergency and will continue to do so. I will process all transfers and will do my best to fulfill orders and requests. I have not and will not raise my prices at this time.

We have to be realistic. The next couple years may be very challenging for the firearms community. We can probably expect renewed legislative efforts to limit our civil rights and liberties, and we will have to be smart about our response. I recommend following the Firearms Policy Coalition for information and resources.

Matthew D. Van Norman
Owner & Proprietor

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