Life is full of adventures. Some are exciting. Most are mundane. Here are some of ours.

Arroyo Seco

Arroyo Seco is a not-so-dry creek in the western San Gabriel Mountains, above Pasadena, California. A tributary of the Los Angeles River, the arroyo provides a beautiful though sometimes rugged hike into the southern face of the mountains.
Crossing the Bridge
Fording the Arroyo
Dry Creek
Resting on the Trail
Trees along the Arroyo
Riparian Environment
San Gabriel Mountains
Tuti below Oakwilde
On the Way Home
Parting Shot

House Van Norman

In A.D. 2002, after nearly five years of apartment life, we purchased our first house. Our transition from renters to “owners” has been both exciting and a little scary. Here is the story of our home.
Under Construction
After the Flood
In the Dark
Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park will always hold a special place in my heart. Several times a year, the remnants of Section 8 of the Sierra Club’s old Basic Mountaineering Training Course (BMTC) still assemble for a weekend of climbing, hiking, and partying in the high desert of southern California.
Bird in Camp
Jason in the Morning
Tuti below Rattlesnake Canyon
Butterfly on Granite
Sandstone Peak

For our first significant hike after September 11th, we set out for Sandstone Peak. I was still brooding over my shattered world view, but wandering through the arid stillness of the Santa Monica Mountains, I found some measure of solace. Civilizations may fall, but life goes on.
Yerba Buena Road
Rugged Terrain
On the Trail
Balanced Boulder
Narrow Trail
Split Rock
Oak Grove
Rock Formations
On the Edge
Sandstone Peak

Santiago Oaks

Tucked away in the western foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains is Santiago Oaks Regional Park. Not very well-known, the park is rarely crowded and preserves a little piece of wilderness in the urban heart of Orange County.
Tuti on Pacifica Trail
Rattlesnake Peak
New Dam
Tuti on Rattlesnake Peak
Tuti at the Old Dam
Old Dam
Tuti by the Dam
Hiking in the Creek Bed
Upscale Homes
Small Bridge
Unusual Architecture
Villa Park Dam

Volcan Mountain

Near Julian in northern San Diego County, Volcan Mountain is a ridge that vaguely resembles a volcanic peak from certain angles. It provided our four-year-old daughter with her first significant hike.
Volcan Mtn. Wilderness Preserve
Beginning the Hike
Approaching the Trailhead
Inspecting Gravel
Looking Northwest
Looking South
Trail Marker
Five Oaks Trail
Crossing a Meadow
Looking North
Oak Trees
Almost to the Summit

Dancing Giant