In A.D. 2002, after nearly five years of apartment life, we embarked on the purchase of our first house. Our transition from rental to ownership has been both exciting and a little scary. Here is the story of our new home.

On June 27th, we received the keys to the house. That afternoon, for reasons unknown, an upstairs toilet “overflowed,” flooding the bathroom, hallway, and spare bedrooms. The water soaked through the carpet, leaked through the floor, and flooded the kitchen and garage below. So, before we could even begin moving, our brand-new house had already suffered extensive water damage.

In the middle of July, after fire, flood, and fury, we finally began to move into our new home. Of course, the upstairs plumbing didn’t work properly, a doorway wasn’t finished, and we still hadn’t closed escrow. Other than that, the process went well, though even installing an extension cord seemed like a monumental undertaking at times.

On July 21st, Southern California Edison disconnected our electrical service for “nonpayment of deposit.” Of course, we never received a request for payment, probably because the U.S. Postal Service had refused to deliver mail to our tract. So what’s next?

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April, A.D. 2002: Under Construction
New Home?
Main Entry
Living Room
Media Nook
Master Bedroom
Master Bath
View from the Office
Spare Bedroom
Back Doorstep
Future Neighborhood
House on the Corner

June, A.D. 2002: After the Flood
Flooded Bedroom
Damaged Kitchen
Repairing the Garage

Middle July, A.D. 2002: Moving
First Box
Bags of Clothing
Empty Rooms
Unpacking in the Kitchen
More Boxes
Work Needed
Taking Shape
Laundry Room
Lived-in Room
Cluttered Kitchen
Livable Master Bedroom
Our View

Late July, A.D. 2002: In the Dark
Red Tag
Dark Living Room
Tuti by Candle

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